88 fines in 2 years

I had previously commented on a Birmingham driver who had racked up 55 PCNs in a single year, and today I saw another article about a Cambridge driver with 88 in two years.  The vehicle in question was an Audi Q7, so perhaps not too surprising that the driver appears able to afford to pay the tickets and park where they like.  An interesting point raised in the comments:

Sindy: To park all day in Cambridge is £24. If you pay the fine within 14 days it was only £25, not sure what it is now, but at least you could park where you want for an extra quid

It’s calculated that the driver of the Q7 has paid over £2500 in penalty fines over that period, while a Volvo V50 driver with 47 tickets paid over £3000 due to late payments.

It’s an interesting situation, as on the one hand you have a driver flouting the rules, but on the other they are also contributing a lot of money to Council finances.  The Council claim their hands are ties if the fines are paid, but they have mentioned the possibility of going back to an older method of just towing cars away rather than issuing tickets.

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