Parking 50cm from the kerb

In their usual outraged style, the Daily Mail have reported on the fact that many Local Authorities are choosing to ticket vehicles parked more than 50cm from a kerb. This has been in force in London since around 1995, and outside of London from 2009 so it’s not clear what suddenly prompted this article (aside from getting people wound-up).

In this particular case Gwynedd Council in North Wales are the ones issuing tape measures to enforce the rules, but what else could they do?  It’s not like guessing the distance is going to hold up under an appeal, so they need to be accurate to show they are being fair.

Lets also not forget that 50cm is half a metre, it’s not exactly a small distance to be parked from the side of the road, as it practically puts you in the road and then makes you an obstruction.  As one motorist is quoted:

‘All this means is we have to get our own tape measures and make sure we parked close enough to the kerb.
‘It’s all very time consuming and very petty.

If you need a tape measure to check whether you are parked further than half a metre from the kerb I think many people would probably question your parking abilities in general.

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