Arrests over fake clamping scam

I’m a bit late with this one, but various papers have reported on a group of BT engineers being arrested over a fake clamping scheme.  It’s alleged that the engineers created a fake company, issuing paperwork for the release of clamps attached to their vans as they went about their business.  They would then claim these penalty payments under expenses.  This is estimated to have made them around £200,000.

I can’t help but wonder whether their vehicles were fleet managed or not.  If their paperwork had been going to a fleet management company, chances are it would have been caught sooner.  There are only so many players in the parking industry and when you process penalties every day it gets easy to spot a newcomer or something that doesn’t look quite right.

It would also be interesting to know whether the change in legislation had anything to do with them being caught, as it became illegal to clamp vehicles on private land in October 2012, so that too may have been a giveaway.

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