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English hospitals must provide free parking for some patients

Hospitals have been ordered to provide free parking for some patients and visitors under new NHS guidelines announced by the government. The new guidelines make clear that the actions of private parking firms will be the responsibility of hospital trusts and

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Parking Apps and ‘Jerk Tech’

There have been a few articles over the last couple of months referring to ‘jerk tech’, apps or technology that exploit public infrastructure to make money for themselves. This was highlighted by a couple of different parking apps, which were

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‘Fixed’ parking app out of beta

I wrote a little about the parking app called Fixed in a post back in January, but the app recently went out of beta and launched to the whole San Francisco area. They’ve also raised an additional $1.2 million in

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Appy Parking App now available on Android

  I haven’t previously picked up on this app, which has been available on iTunes for a while, but it’s now been released on the Google Play store as well.  The (free) app aims to cover nearly all of London,

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Ticket fighting app launches in US

According to an article over at TechCrunch, an ambitious app is launching in San Francisco that offers to fight parking tickets.  The new Fixed app is running under a limited beta trial, and would charge 25% of the amount fined

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Video – How to appeal a PCN

The Guardian have published a pretty good video that covers the appeals process for both council-issued and private parking fines.

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Worst parking ever?

Almost guaranteed to induce rage. via Reddit.

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Lincolnshire wardens quit over abuse

It’s been a while since I wrote about the introduction of civil parking enforcement in Lincolnshire, which started about 6 months ago.  An article published this morning states that every single warden (or Civil Enforcement Officer) employed at the introduction

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Arrests over fake clamping scam

I’m a bit late with this one, but various papers have reported on a group of BT engineers being arrested over a fake clamping scheme.  It’s alleged that the engineers created a fake company, issuing paperwork for the release of

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App Spotlight – SpotSquad

I saw a couple of articles today about an app called SpotSquad due to go into trials in Canada next month.  It brings the idea of crowdsourcing to the parking enforcement arena.  We’ve all seen cases of bad parking, with

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