Barnet’s parking war

All is not well on the streets of Barnet according to the Times Series, who spent an hour with a Civil Enforcement Officer employed by NSL.  Apparently a toxic mix of high parking rates and charges, strict enforcement and confusing payments systems has led to a ‘war going on in the streets of Barnet’.  Some residents have even taken to vigilantism and spray-painted signs black so as to make enforcement impossible.

They follow ‘Jenny’ around her patch on a 7 hour shift, as she issues tickets and tries to keep Barnet’s traffic moving.  It is a job she loves even if she does face abuse on a weekly basis.

“It keeps you fit, gets you out meeting people and, at the end of the day, we’re here to move on traffic. We’re here to do that as much as we can before we actually have to give out any tickets.

“No-one expects to get a ticket – including me when I’m parking – but people know the rules, they know the law and they have to abide by it.”

It  is claimed that no quotas are issued, but this could be seen as a little disingenuous considering that NSL have in the past done exactly that in other London boroughs.  It’s an interesting, if brief look at ‘the other side’, at least from an on the ground perspective.

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