Blank documents stolen from DVLA


While not related to fines or PCNs as such, anyone involved with fleet vehicles or DVLA procedures may want to look at this report from last week.  Apparently the DVLA had 900 blank V750 Entitlement Certificates stolen from a stationary supplier (2000 blank driver license counterparts were also stolen).  A V750 is the document you would receive after purchasing a personalised (or ‘cherished’) number plate.

The potential for fraud is huge (with a blank certificate any valuable registration could be printed onto it) and so people are asked to be on alert for anyone attempting to sell a registration using an Entitlement Certificate with a serial number ranging from 5930101 to 5931000.  If anyone does spot one of these stolen certificates, they are advised to contact Northumbria Police.

You would have to assume that the DVLA would be looking out for any attempts to use one of these stolen certificates to clone a vehicle or take ownership of a specific registration, but there could be the potential risk that one is processed and assigned to a vehicle.  That could possibly result in fines being issued to an incorrect or non-existent keeper.


Update: Direct link to DVLA information is here:


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