Bournemouth PCNs re-introduced after dispute

I appear to have missed the original article showing that parking enforcement in some areas of Bournemouth had been suspended, but according to a new report it has been re-introduced without warning.

A decision back in September by a parking adjudicator forced the council to review the wording of their Traffic Regulation Orders.  There was some dispute over where a ticket was expected to be displayed, and so until this could be clarified the council suspended enforcement.  In a rather cheeky move however, they continued to keep parking meters in operation.  It was estimated that they made over £261,000 from the meters in just 3 months, despite not being able to issue a PCN if a motorist didn’t buy a ticket.

Since Saturday the council have been issuing PCNs again, probably catching out those who did think a ticket wasn’t needed.  According to the original article, motorists were warned that enforcement could restart at any time, so with PCNs may find it hard to appeal.  That is unless the council are challenged again on the wording of their regulations.

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