BPA investigating Town & City Parking

October isn’t shaping up to be a good month for the private parking industry.  Now we have another story about a different private parking company being reported to the British Parking Association about it’s signs.  In this case you can clearly see from the article photo that the sign is completely worn and unreadable.  That hasn’t stopped Town and City Parking from issuing tickets to vehicles, which could put them at risk of being removed from the DVLA database.  The BPA have a code of conduct which has to be adhered to and they have recently asked members to audit themselves regarding their signs.  Failure to follow the code and result in membership being suspended, which then denies access to the DVLA database.  According to the article:

A BPA spokesman confirmed they had received Mr McGuire’s complaint and that it was being investigated, but declined to comment until inquiries were complete.

It’s not clear whether a complaint has also been made to the DVLA but it would certainly seem like a good idea for those who feel aggrieved at receiving a ticket.

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