Brighton to enforce kerb parking rules

I have to admit this was something I didn’t know myself, but although it’s an offence to park on the kerb in London, it’s not the same in the rest of the UK.  Brighton and Hove Council are looking to change this with a trial in 2013.

It’s something that many of us may have done on occasion, but often parking on the kerb can make it difficult, if not impossible for some pedestrians to get around safely.  Wheelchair users or people on mobility scooters may find themselves having to move into the road to get around a vehicle, and this is what the enforcement is intended to assist with (as well as those using a pavement for a parking space if they cannot park on the road).

Back in 2011 local transport minister Norman Baker authorised local authorities to enforce kerb and verge parking if signs were placed stating the rules in place for the area.  Brighton and Hove Council intend to start their trial by creating two zones in areas where local residents have had particular issues with van drivers blocking pavements.

As with other parking PCNs, fines would be £70 or £35 if payment is made within 14 days.

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