Camera error causes parking charges

Private parking company Town and City Parking have had to apologise to the users of a car park in Perth after wrongly issuing them with parking tickets.  I’ve seen this happen a few times myself and it always affects ANPR systems that monitor vehicles at the entrance and exit.  An image is taken on entry and again when the vehicle leaves, and the time spent is calculated and compared to how long is allowed for free parking.  Anything over that amount results in a charge notice.

What often seems to happen is that if a driver enters the car park twice, even if only to drive through, the system uses the first entry of the day and the last exit.  This often causes tickets to be issued giving the impression that a vehicle has been parked for hours, or even all day.

Once spotted it’s usually very easy to appeal and get the charge cancelled, as Town and City Parking have offered in this case.  It does however show that these systems are not infallible even though their use is increasing massively.

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