Can volunteer parking enforcement work?

There’s an interesting article I saw yesterday which has a councillor from Portishead in Somerset, requesting cameras to be used by locals to report parking contraventions.  Rather than the public shaming intended in Moscow which I posted about last year, this seems to be more like a form of neighbourhood watch.

It seems like parking issues in Portishead are still handled by the Police, rather than by Civil Enforcement Officers and so only the Police can do anything about parking contraventions.  The councillor is asking for £1000 towards digital cameras that can be used to equip residents.

The idea is that they would then take photos of offending vehicles and send them to the Police, in the hope that they take action.  I’m not quite sure why they need £1000 worth of digital cameras for this, when most phones are sold with camera phones these days anyway.  Certainly there’s no official process and so no idea whether evidence sent by any camera is actually enforceable.  It seems the Police also declined to comment on what response, if any there would be to parking photos sent to them.

I’m not sure if this is a novel approach to enforcement or just a giant waste of time and money.

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