‘Car sitting’ to avoid penalties

Fleet News have posted details of an interesting initiative from property maintenance firm Aspect.co.uk which uses (not employs?) ‘unemployed young people’ to sit in a car with a driver, who can then swap places with them while maintenance visits and deliveries are taking place.  If they see a warden approaching while they are questionably parked, they quickly move on in the hope of avoiding a fine.  Whether they are also used to find a space which may have been freed up in the meantime is unclear.

It’s also not apparent whether they are aware that wardens can also issue PCNs to vehicles which drive away, as long as they note the registration a PCN can be issued later by post.  The company certainly seem to be pleased with the idea, and plan to roll out further if the trial is successful.

“There’s no issue finding a park, no paying the parking charge, no parking fine, no hassle,”

Will Davies – Managing Director  Aspect.co.uk


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