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Worst parking ever?

Almost guaranteed to induce rage. via Reddit.

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BBC2 Tomorrow: The Route Masters

If you’ve ever driven in London or dealt with PCNs issued there, you know how easy it can be to get caught out.  A new BBC series starting on 17/06/13 @ 21:00 will follow TfL staff and police officers as

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Parking sign ‘yarnbombed’

A yarnbombed parking sign in Richmond.  It was initially removed by a warden, who took it to the Police, perhaps fearing it would obscure sign.  The council have since asked for it back so that they can re-install it.  They

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Quiz – Double yellow lines

Following on from a story the other day about double yellow lines, the BBC have a quick 7 question quiz on them.  If you deal with PCNs on a daily basis, you might want to give it a go and

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