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Warden parks on double-yellows

  A traffic warden was spotted recently parking on double yellow lines and blocking the pavement, while he was issuing a ticket. Eagle-eyed Jay Fazal spotted the parking officer committing the violation in Stokes Croft in Bristol. ‘I asked the

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Worst parking ever?

Almost guaranteed to induce rage. via Reddit.

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Parking sign ‘yarnbombed’

A yarnbombed parking sign in Richmond.  It was initially removed by a warden, who took it to the Police, perhaps fearing it would obscure sign.  The council have since asked for it back so that they can re-install it.  They

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Bus stop painted around parked truck

The Daily Mail are great for picking up on these things, in this case Bath & North East Somerset Council have painted a bus stop around a parked truck, and then issued it with a PCN.  According to the article,

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Ticket issued to snow car

A VW Beetle sculpted from snow is given a ticket in Aachen, Germany.  The mistake was later realised when the wardens tried to scrape the snow off the number plate.

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