Clamper to pay back £3 million

Since October 1st 2012 it has been illegal to clamp a vehicle on private land, but prior to this it was considered by many to be a free-for-all.  One person who did better than most was Steven Ryan of Car Clamping Securities according to the Birmingham Mail.  He was jailed for two and a half years in 2011 for defrauding motorists by way of a deliberately faulty parking meter which he then used to justify the clamping and removal of vehicles.  Drivers had to pay up to £300 a time and were met with hostility if they tried to dispute this,  it’s thought he made millions from the scheme.  Local Trading Standards said:

“This excellent result shows not only will Birmingham City Council Trading Standards investigate those committing fraud, in this case car clamping, but will also pursue them using the powers of the Proceeds of Crime Act to ensure that any ill gotten gains are confiscated.”

He has now been ordered to pay back £3 million or face 10 years in jail.

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