Congestion Charge review hits the press

Despite being covered on this blog over two months ago, it seems that the press have finally realised that the Congestion Charge consultation ends on February 8th.  This has resulted in a flurry of articles, most prompted by the Evening Standard yesterday.

The only new information coming from these articles are lists of currently accepted vehicles that will lose access to the Greener Vehicle Discount, and some additional claims about air quality worsening due to the number of diesel vehicles qualifying for the scheme.  I can’t actually find any comment from TfL regarding that, and it appears to have been instead taken from a group called Clean Air in London:

“Since the Greener Vehicle Discount was introduced in January 2011, the number of qualifying car models has tripled with most of these emitting carcinogenic diesel exhaust fumes.

“It is doubtful whether any overall reduction in CO2 has been achieved and, of course, the extra vehicles have worsened congestion.”

With the deadline running out, the recent articles may well prompt a surge of new contributions to the consultation.  If you want to make your own views heard, you can do so here.

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