Couple fight blue badge PCN

There’s a certain irony to this story about a couple given a PCN for parking on a single yellow line with a blue badge.  Although the blue badge does allow you to park on single or double yellows under certain conditions, it appears that they also parked blocking a dropped kerb.  As I mentioned yesterday, dropped kerbs are not always enforced outside of London, but in King’s Lynn it appears they are.  While the driver says this was to allow easier access to and from the car, he was also blocking access for other disabled people.

“We will have to see you in court.”

The driver has refused to pay the PCN and instead has told the council he will see them in court, perhaps not realising that the courts generally don’t get involved with civil parking enforcement (except to authorise bailiffs when the fines remain unpaid).  He would in fact need to take it to adjudication, but even there his case would unlikely be rejected.

A quick look at the government document on the Blue Badge scheme gives all kinds of examples where you cannot park with the badge, and dropped kerbs are generally one of them.


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