Dangers of pavement parking

There’s been an increase in the number of news articles about kerb parking in the last few weeks.  It seems that it is now getting more attention from authorities outside of London, as enforcement is typically quite sporadic if it’s done at all.  Government legislation from 2011 however makes it possible for councils to start enforcing the matter.

I’ve posted a couple of articles recently on the subject, and I thought this one also offered a perspective that not everyone considers.  The charity Guide Dogs has released the results of a YouGov survey they commissioned, which claims that nearly half of all drivers fail to consider how parking on the pavement can affect blind of partially sighted people.

“Cars parked on pavements are an everyday nightmare for blind and partially sighted people, as well as other vulnerable pedestrians. Imagine how terrifying it is to step into a road when you can’t see on-coming traffic. Too often people with sight loss are forced out into busy roads because an inconsiderate motorist has blocked the pavement. Councils in England have the tools to penalise drivers who park on pavements and Guide Dogs want them to act now.
Guide Dogs Campaigns Manager, James White

According to the survey, 54% of drivers admit to parking on the pavement, and 48% of those said they hadn’t thought about the problems this could cause to blind or partially sighted people. Oddly, only 36% didn’t think about how this could affect adults with prams, so it shows that there is at least some level of awareness in terms of causing the obstruction.

I think it’s likely that given the rise in bus lane enforcement seen outside on London, the same is likely to happen with pavement parking. It does seem that this could have more support than that seen for bus lanes, which many people see as a cash cow for the authorities.

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