Derby driver claims cloned car

A Blue Badge holder in Derby has claimed that a parking ticket he was issued was the result of his vehicle being cloned.  According to the article in ‘this is Derbyshire’ the owner was away on holiday, with his blue Toyota Yaris locked in the garage.  It’s reported that he spoke to the Police but claims they suspected his son used the vehicle without his permission.

The city council even sent him pictures of the offending ice-blue Toyota Yaris.

While the registration plate in the images matches that on his car, Mr Palmer, 73, says some minor differences show it is not his car.

He has mentioned that he can see subtle differences between the two but it does not say what they are or if they have been brought to the attention of the Police or the Council.  This is one of the best ways to prove a cloned vehicle, but without knowing those differences it’s impossible to say whether they would help.  It’s very easy to claim a vehicle has been cloned, which is why there is a reasonably high standard for proof.  If his son potentially had access to the vehicle then it’s impossible to discount entirely that this is what happened without solid evidence.

It sounds like the whole thing is still under investigation as the Council claimed they were unable to comment at the current stage.

Proving a cloned vehicle can be a very difficult and time consuming ordeal, but if you are looking for some tips, our own article on the subject might prove useful.

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