DVLA bans Councils too

The BBC (via Big Brother Watch) have reported that since 2009, the DVLA have banned nearly 300 local authorities from their database.  This was quite a surprising report to read, as I’m normally used to hearing about how one private parking company or another has managed to get themselves banned.  It was my general perception that local authorities would not have this kind of issue, but this shows it to be quite widespread, as mentioned by Nick Pickles:

“Concerns about the DVLA database have been voiced for several years, but it is remarkable that in just three years nearly half the country’s councils have been suspended from looking at motorists’ information.

Certainly the local authorities need to contact the DVLA about a huge variety of different offences (parking and traffic being only one part of it) and it does seem that many of the bans were for minor offences like not paying invoices on time.  That sounds a lot less serious than say, a private parking company misleading drivers with incorrect signs.

It does however sound like the DVLA are letting it be known that they are taking access to their database very quite seriously.

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