East Staffs PCN revenue drops

I’m used to reading articles about how much money an authority has made or how many PCNs they have issued, so it makes a change to hear the opposite.  It’s reported that East Staffordshire Borough Council have received over £40,000 less in fine revenues than they had projected between April and June this year.

The authority argues that this is down to drivers now being more aware of the risks when driving, and shows their ‘strong’ enforcement process is working in discouraging bad habits.  It could also be argued that as less people choose to drive, spend money on petrol, pay to park etc… the amount of penalties would naturally reduce.

Despite this drop, the local authority still claims to have a budget surplus of over £24,000 due to cost saving measures internally.  It would be interesting to see if this is looked at again in a few months to see if this downward trend continues.

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