Eric Pickles declares war on parking charges

The Sunday Express had a recent article quoting Communities Secretary Eric Pickles on expanding the Coalition’s transparency agenda, to show how much money local authorities are making from parking fines and charges.  This is part of an ongoing attempt to revive Britain’s flagging high streets

 “We’re calling time on the billion pound local war against motorists – now, more than ever, we need to see the back of this shopping tax and encourage more people onto the high street”

Apparently 7 in 10 people avoid shopping areas where the charges are too high, but so far it sounds like the first step is merely a consultation about publishing existing data on charges.  Whether this ever results in a meaningful reduction in charges, if those charges will have any effect, or if it’s simply too late remains to be seen.

To me it sounds more likely to be a headline grabbing sound-bite that will be quietly forgotten in a few months.

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