‘Fixed’ parking app out of beta

I wrote a little about the parking app called Fixed in a post back in January, but the app recently went out of beta and launched to the whole San Francisco area. They’ve also raised an additional $1.2 million in funding from investors like Y Combinator.

If you remember from the previous post, the app let you scan a parking ticket and then send it through to the company. They would then look at the type of ticket, and the likelihood of winning, and issue a quote for a fee that would be less than the fine (if won on appeal).

Apparently since coming out of beta, around 35,000 users have signed up to their service. According to a recent blog post, it also appears that the City transport agency are not to keen on the app. In order to have digital proof of sending their appeals, Fixed would fax copies of their claims over (the only other method being to post them). The agency didn’t like this and so turned their fax machine off.

The company estimates that they are processing 1 percent of all tickets issued each week (28,000), with a win rate of 20-30 percent. They plan to expand the service to other cities if the business proves to be scalable.

It’s interesting to see this from a UK perspective, where nearly all major authorities allow online appeals to their PCNs (as we attempt to list), as well as email, post and fax. It could be due to this that we haven’t seen any similar apps over here.

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