Gateshead to trial bus lane bollards

Well this appears to be a first, the BBC are reporting that Gateshead Council are looking to trial bollards along the white dividing lines of their bus lanes.

It’s certainly a novel approach, and one that could be argued to benefit motorists as it’s likely to eliminate people either accidentally, or deliberately straying into the lanes.

As far as I can tell, Gateshead don’t operate CCTV enforcement of bus lanes so this could be an interesting alternative to the issue, focusing on prevention rather than punishment. At £75 per bollard it may also be cheaper than installing the more complex CCTV infrastructure.  The bollards are also said to be flexible, and so would not cause an accident if a motorist were to collide with them.

Nick Clennett (head of transport strategy) said:

“We receive quite a lot of complaints from the bus operators but also from other motorists who get really peeved by other drivers cutting in front of them.”

As they are the first council in the UK to try this, I’m sure other authorities will be keeping an eye on the trial, although it doesn’t yet have a start date.

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