Hospitals will give “two fingers” to new parking rules

Ministers have warned that hospitals will stickTwo fingers upat the new rules which try to stop excessiveTax on the sickparking charges.

Relatives of gravely ill patients, patients with disabilities, those with frequent appointments and staff working shifts must be given free or cheap parking under new Department of Health guidelines issued to English hospitals.

Birkenhead MP Frank Field said “I very much hope that when the Minister replies he will say what plan B is for those hospitals that continue to charge excessively those who need to continue to visit their relatives in hospital.”

Some ministers went even further and called for abolition of hospital parking charges in England and branded them aTax on NHS treatment“.

Telford MP David Wright added:”I believe that hospital parking charges should be abolished.

Some people have expressed the concern that people will overflow park in hospital parking areas.

Tickets could still be issued to ensure that parking spaces are controlled, but it could be made free. The House should push the Government and the Opposition to make a commitment to abolish parking charges at hospitals in the medium to long term.”


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