Inside Out London – BBC1 @ 19.30

It looks like there will be a small piece on parking and traffic fines in London on BBC1 tonight at 19.30.  The blurb online reads:

“Mark Ashdown reveals how millions of pounds of parking tickets handed out in the capital could have been issued illegally.”

I suspect this is going to be in relation to PCNs overturned at adjudication with PATAS.  Often an individual driver will get their money back for proving an incorrectly issued ticket, but councils will not automatically refund others affected by the same issue (for example if signs or road markings are incorrect).   It could easily be argued that this is morally wrong, but perhaps the program will look into whether it is illegal.

Given that Parking Mad, the last documentary the BBC did on parking was so informative, it looks like this might be worth a look.

Update:   I’ve found the accompanying BBC article and it is pretty much as I thought.  Nothing entirely new as it’s been known for a long time that local authorities won’t give money back for incorrectly issued PCNs, unless they are forced to.  I think what’s new here is the BBC’s investigation, which claims that the amount that councils should pay back could be as much as £23 million.  It’s perhaps worth mentioning that many of the claims made regarding the legality of the situation have come from Neil Davies, who is part of a legal firm specialising in motoring offences and so perhaps not entirely unbiased.

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