Lincoln PCNs top 4k in December

The last I heard from Lincolnshire was the issue over hundreds of tickets being issued at the Christmas, now more figures have been released showing that over 4000 PCNs were issued in December.  According to The Lincolnite, over half of those PCNs were issued in Lincoln itself, despite the recent introduction of enforcement across the whole of Lincolnshire.

As mentioned back in November, this was the first month of civil parking enforcement (previously enforced by the Police) so there isn’t anything to compare them too, but it does seem quite high.  This could be viewed as being down to drivers not being aware of the new scheme and so the council expect them to drop over time.  I’m sure that January’s figures will show this to be the case.  Judging by the comments in the article however, the enforcement officers are not endearing themselves to the community.

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