Lincoln trade boosted by parking enforcement

I’ve been following the introduction of civil parking enforcement in Lincoln, and most of the article’s I’ve seen so far have been negative.  So it’s interesting to read today that a local business group has made the claim that trade has improved since enforcement began.

With over 4000 PCNs issued so far, it seems that a lot of drivers used to parking illegally have been driven away from the city centre.  This is freeing up not just short-term parking spaces (which might previously have been parked in all day) but also loading bays.

The claim is that this not only frees up spaces for people to briefly park to do some shopping, but is also allowing businesses to run their deliveries more efficiently:

“We have over 500 shops in the city centre so the logistics of deliveries and loading and unloading are made a little bit easier.

“That is what those spaces are there for, not parking.

“It may take a little while for customers to realise the short-stay spaces are more freely available but it is getting there.”

Matt Corrigan, chief executive of Lincoln Business Improvement Group

This is ultimately the rationale for all parking and traffic enforcement so it’s interesting to see how this plays out in an area not used to civil enforcement.

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