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Following on from my previous post on the warning letters due to go out prior to enforcement, I thought it would be a good idea to post a roundup of what’s been happening since then.

Firstly we had the story of angry traders receiving warning letters while they were loading or unloading vans at the local market. Other like window cleaners also found themselves targeted. I think people were always going to get upset, as previously enforcement by the Police was said to be quite lax. The council calimed they would take a ‘common sense’ approach to enforcement, but at the same time they are sticking to a common mantra:

“This isn’t about making life difficult for people, it’s about reducing congestion caused by inconsiderate parking, and keeping people on the move.”

This was followed by an article yesterday stating that nearly 800 warnings have been sent out in the first week of the grace period.  It will be interesting to see if the figures stay the same in the second week, and whether it has any effect once the proper enforcement starts and they move on to PCNs.  They could start making a lot of money fairly quickly, but at the same time may be in for an influx of appeals and disputes.  If they want to avoid what happened in Hertfordshire I hope they have ensured that they have covered themselves with regards to the legality of their enforcement zones, road markings etc…

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