Lincolnshire wardens quit over abuse

It’s been a while since I wrote about the introduction of civil parking enforcement in Lincolnshire, which started about 6 months ago.  An article published this morning states that every single warden (or Civil Enforcement Officer) employed at the introduction of the scheme has since left.  The entire team has apparently been replaced at least once over due to “stress of the job and sickness”.

Apparently much of the blame has been placed on abusive motorists, to the extent that all CEOs are now given GPS and camera units to ensure that any attacks are recorded.  While abuse of any kind can’t be condoned, I do have to wonder how much stress is down to abuse, and how much is down to knowing they will continue to get abuse due to the way they are expected to operate.

It’s well known that CEOs are often pressured to issue as many tickets as possible, although it’s illegal to actually specify a quota on parking tickets.  This is often the cause of many disputes, as you see on this blog, often tickets are issued without any common sense being applied to the circumstances.  It’s not hard to see how stress can result from having to work using a certain mindset every day that you know will antagonise people.

Michael Brookes, chairman of the highways and transport scrutiny committee at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “These wardens simply cannot cope.

“It is a massive concern. A 100 per cent staff turnover is as bad as it gets in such a short space of time.

“We need to work very closely with the contractors to make sure the new wardens we are bringing into work on our streets in Lincolnshire are up to the job.

“It must be an extremely difficult job and only a certain person could do it.”

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