More details on Westminster parking trial

Following on from my previous post on Westminster’s new real-time parking app and smart bays, I have found a couple of interesting articles which go into more depth.  Both are from Computerworld UK and focus on the IT underpinning the system.  The first article mentions that the app had over 1000 downloads in the first three weeks and the data coming from the sensors is giving them information that they could previously only guess at:

Johnson explains how the data received from this area has given the Council a much better understanding of how drivers use their vehicles.

“We are averaging around 600 to 700 vehicles a day through this area, across 50 spaces. Average stay time is about 39 minutes. Go back two months and we would have no idea of that, we knew it was busy, but we had no specifics,” he said.

The second article published today says that Westminster may increase the trial to cover up to 35,000 bays, a huge expansion. This could cost up to £15 million, but this would be for a council that made nearly £70 million in PCN revenue in 2009-10.

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