Moscow newspaper launches app to shame bad parkers

I’ve seen a  few mentions of this over the last few days, a Moscow newspaper has apparently created an app (not clear if Android or IOS) allowing users to take photos of bad parking in their area.  The creatively titled ‘Parking Douche’ app lets the user take a photo, enter the vehicle registration and send to the newspaper.  The app then uses GPS data to ensure that the images are displayed as pop-up ads to people in the local area.  These pop-ups apparently demand to be shared on Facebook which sounds like it could get extremely annoying very quickly.

According to the report the app has already won a number of awards, however I’m not sure that this would work in the UK.  While it’s a novel idea, it sounds like it could fall foul of our privacy laws, the Data Protection Act etc…  I also seriously doubt any newspaper would want to get involved for the same reasons.


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