New Congestion Charge Consultation

Transport for London have today launched a consultation outlining their new proposals for the Congestion Charge.  The purpose is to get as much public feedback as possible over the next few months before any decisions are made for proposals to come into effect in 2013.

The proposals include:

Increasing the penalty charge to £130 (up from £120).

The main aim of this would be to bring the charged amount into line with the amount issued for other traffic offences in London such as parking.  This would be discounted for 14 days at £65 and would then rise to £130 afterwards.  Charge Certificates etc… would increase by a similar increment.

Removing the option to pay for the daily charge in shops and petrol stations.

This is primarily promoted as a way for TfL to cut operating costs as they claim that less than 6% of payments are made this way.  From personal experience I also feel that there is a higher risk of human error in terms of paying for the correct registration when done this way.

Creating Ultra Low Emission Discount to replace the current Greener Vehicle Discount.

The new proposal is to replace the Greener Vehicle Discount, which currently gives a 100% discount on the daily charge for passenger vehicles that emit 100g/km of CO2.  The new proposal would lower the threshold to 75g/km but would be allowed for both cars and commercial vehicles.  People registered on the GVD before the proposed cut-off of 28/06/13 would stay on that scheme until 2015 when it would fully close.

The proposal link is here so interested parties can submit their comments and complete a questionnaire.  The consultation ends on 08/02/13 and the timetable for the proposals is outlined below:

Should the Mayor decide to proceed, the scheme changes would be introduced as follows;

– Penalty charge increase – 29 April 2013

– Closure of the Greener Vehicle Discount to new registrations – 28 June 2013

– Closure of the Electric Vehicle Discount – 28 June 2013

– Closure of the retail payment channel – 28 June 2013

– Introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Discount – 1 July 2013

– Closure of the Greener Vehicle Discount – 26 June 2015



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