New Edinburgh bus lanes coming

Despite being forced to cancel thousands of bus lane fines last year due to a botched roll-out, Edinburgh Council are due to set another two bus lane cameras live on Monday.  Warning notices were sent throughout December, and resulted in over 600 being issued to drivers.  The short stretches of road (bus gates) will be monitored 24/7  rather than just at peak times as other happens with other lanes in the city.  Councillor Lesley Hinds said:

“In the eight months since the council began bus lane camera enforcement in April 2012, there has been a massive drop in the number of charge notices issued – more than 80 per cent – showing the message is getting through loud and clear.”

You would expect that given the problems with the last roll-out, this one should have less problems, but we will only know once the real PCNs start to get issued and people look into submitting appeals.

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