Notts warden tickets childrens ambulances

The Daily mail have pictures taken in Nottingham on Monday which show a CEO issuing PCNs to two children’s ambulances, which were collecting them from a charity concert.  Showing a spectacularly poor lack of judgement, a £70 PCN was issued to each ambulance (for parking in a loading bay) despite many members of the public appealing for leniency and common sense from the warden.

The concert attended by the children raised £370, but the PCNs totalled £140 (although this may have been reduced to £70 for both if paid within 14 days).

As it turns out, the Council saw sense, cancelled the tickets and issued an apology:

‘Our civil enforcement officers are expected to, and usually do, exercise discretion and judgement when dealing with situations where there may be a technical breach of regulations but where wider circumstances or sensitivities should be taken into account.
‘If in any doubt, they can call managers to ask for advice about how best to proceed. We are sorry this didn’t happen on this occasion and for any upset this may have caused.’

Although Councils are not allowed to issue quotas, it’s commonly believed that this happens anyway, with pressure placed on ‘under performing’ officers.  Whether that was the case here it’s difficult to say


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