One in six PCNs cancelled by Swindon Council

A Wiltshire Newspaper has reported that one in six PCNs issued by Swindon Council are cancelled on appeal.  The information, which comes from a Freedom of Information request by the paper, confirms that nearly 6500 PCNs were cancelled since 2011.  This totals approximately 15% of the 43,000 tickets issued, and from my own experience I imagine a lot more could be cancelled if drivers were prepared to go all the way to adjudication.

In an audacious bit of spin a Council spokesman said:

“We cancel a lot of penalty charge notices because we’re prepared to listen to people if they have a reasonable excuse.

“Drivers should be reassured by this – they would have more reason to be worried if we didn’t cancel many.

It’s an interesting position to take, as opposed to perhaps investigating how their CEOs manage to incorrectly issue so many tickets in the first place.  I think the positive thing to take from this is that it’s always worth taking it to adjudication if you think a ticket has been issued incorrectly.

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