Parking scam fraudster must repay £42k

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this was used as plot material for a British gangster film.  This article reports a complicated tale of jailbreaks, fraud, money laundering, FBI probes and murder running for over a decade.  This recently resulted in Linda Clark of North Tyneside being jailed for 30 months and being ordered to pay back £42,000 of an estimated £350,000 made from fake parking tickets.

Along with other members of her family, she set up two businesses, Datalink and Meadowbrook and used them to issue tickets for supermarket disabled bays.  The companies had no authority to issue the tickets and were soon discovered after complaints were made.

That they made so much money from fake tickets goes to show just how accepted the private parking industry has become.  Although there is a lot of differing advice online about how to deal with them, if issued with one, a quick check to see whether the issuing company is a member of the British parking Association could help you decide how to proceed with it.  They operate a code of conduct which is an attempt to hold the industry to a common set of standards.    You should certainly be wary of companies not willing or able to get BPA approval.

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