Plymouth bus lanes make £45 per minute

An article popped up on my news feed this morning but quickly disappeared from the Plymouth Herald website.  Luckily google’s  cache comes to the rescue and reveals the full original article before it was taken down.

The main thrust of the article is the headline grabbing figure of £45 per minute generated in fines for bus lane cameras in Plymouth.  They have only been in operation since August this year and made £500,000 in their first month.  Local campaign groups have apparently accused the local Council of operating the cameras like cash machines:

“The question is to what degree is this about raising revenue? No council is allowed by law to introduce PCNs for any reason other than road safety or traffic management. If a local authority has a situation like Plymouth City Council, where large amounts of people are transgressing and in turn filling the council coffers, it shows it isn’t working. We suspect councils in situations like this are treating these devices as instant cash machines.”

The Council are steadfast in their defence of the system and place the blame squarely on the drivers.  Whether this prompts any appeals over signage (which could potentially result in huge amounts of cancellations) remains to be seen.  It has happened previously with other Councils who rushed to implement bus lane schemes.

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