Porsche driver ‘spends £10k’ to save £2k in PCNs

A genuinely interesting read from the Daily Mail about a high-earning Porsche driver who has been issued with nearly 70 PCNs since 2004.

He has apparently appealed around 35 of those tickets, and won 34.  This has saved him £2000 in charges, but he has estimated that in terms of his time (which he charges at his own consultant rates) it has cost him £10,000 to do so.  The story has come to light as he has recently lost a fight over a private parking fine issued because he didn’t pay for a 60p ticket.  He has now been ordered to pay £790 by the courts.

He certainly seems to take what he sees as a principled stance (the article also pictures him getting into a fight with a parking company boss), and he may have a point given that he has won so many appeals.  On the other hand however, he does seem to get a worrying amount of tickets and you have to wonder how much consideration or attention he might be paying to where he is parking in the first place.

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