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I saw an article recently which mentioned a site called Primal Parking which was featured on the TV show Dragon’s Den.  It looks like Airbnb but for parking spaces, the idea being that you can rent out your driveway or other piece of land for use as a parking space.  Users enter a postcode or location and the site shows them available spaces.  The same can be done for home or landowners to register their spaces.

The site seems well set-up, and the owners pitched well enough to get investments from two of the ‘dragons’.  Looking through the FAQ however, I couldn’t see what would happen if someone overstays their allocated time.  As many readers probably recognise, parking on private land is a minefield.  If you rented out your drive during the day, what happens if you come home and find someone else’s vehicle still in your space?  Maybe you could increase the charged via their credit card but it doesn’t solve the more immediate problem of where you then park.

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