Shoal Enforcement ‘lies on its tickets’

The Southern Daily Echo reports that Shoal Enforcement are making ‘motorists lives a misery’ in Southampton.  Although no longer able to clamp vehicles, they are instead allegedly issuing penalties on which, the paper says, Shoal lie about being able to chase the vehicle’s keeper via the DVLA.  As you may have noticed from a previous post, only members of the British parking Association can have access to the DVLA database.

A DVLA spokesman added:

“We can confirm that Shoal Enforcement Limited is not permitted to request information from our vehicle record as they are not members of the BPA.

“While the DVLA cannot regulate directly the manner in which a parking management company is operated, it has now asked Hampshire trading standards to investigate.”

The tickets now issued appear to charge £120, way in excess of the £75 maximum (initially) chargeable by BPA members.

Fears were raised by many in the motor industry that clampers would move on to other ways of bringing in money, but it is still too early to see a clear pattern emerging.

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