Tel Aviv parking video goes viral

A Tel Aviv woman’s car was towed away by city officials after they painted an entire disabled bay around her already-parked vehicle.  Luckily she was able to locate some surveillance footage and so was able to get all of the associated charges cancelled and refunded, but only after much shouting over the phone.

Deputy Tel Aviv mayor Asaf Zamir apologized for the incident Tuesday and explained that it was all a mistake. Zamir said it was perfectly fine for city workers to re-designate a parking spot — even when someone was parked there — and that such things happen all the time, but that the workers were supposed to notify the parking inspectors’ office and tell them that a vehicle had been parked there legally, not to tow it and fine the owner.

It’s possibly the kind of incident you’d expect to hear about in the UK, as I’m sure this has happened with double yellow lines a few times.  The driver posted the video to her Facebook page, where it quickly went viral and got over 20,000 views.

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