TfL employees rack up fines have revealed that Transport for London splashed out hundreds of thousands of pounds on parking fines incurred by their own employees.

TfL, which is chaired by London mayor Boris Johnson, justified the figures by saying they were received by employees conducting important work.

These fines are not only a serious waste of money by TfL but they also show that too many TfL staff believe in the mantra of do as I say, not as I do when it comes to traffic enforcement,” Liberal Democrat London assembly member Caroline Pidgeon said today.

Transport for London has no hesitation in handing out penalty charge notices for people who park on red routes or who get caught in yellow boxes…

TfL is frequently accused by motorists and businesses of being too aggressive in enforcing parking restrictions.

The majority of Penalty Charge & Enforcement Notices were issued to TfL vehicles parked outside stations and in bus lanes while staff members carried out workthey said.

TfL has been working to reduce the number of parking fines received and the number has halved in recent years. However, at times it is necessary to park vehicles in restricted areas in order to carry out urgent works.”

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