Veteran given Remembrance Day PCN

Parking fines can be an emotional (or at least frustrating) issue at the best of times, and while there are always two sides to a story, sometimes it seems like a little sensitivity is called for.  As the Daily Mail have pointed out, a WWII veteran was given a parking PCN during a Remembrance Sunday service, for displaying his disabled badge upside down.

While technically this may have been a breach of the rules, it’s hard to understand sometimes how people can be so insensitive on days of such national importance.  It would be understandable if this was a penalty that had been issued without the CEO’s knowledge of the passenger, however it appears that it was explained upon his return to the vehicle and he still refused to cancel it.

‘I’ve been driving for more than 70 years and had never received a parking ticket. It was hilarious, my son was driving me and my granddaughter and her fiance were there.

‘I laughed but my family chased the warden and he wouldn’t do anything.

‘Incredibly, he muttered something about “just following orders” which I found incredibly insensitive considering the service we had just attended.

The council have since confirmed that they would cancel the ticket, but you have to ask yourself why it got to that stage.  Are CEOs really powerless to do anything once they have issued a PCN, or was this particular person just trying to pass the problem onto someone else?


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