VP Parking solutions struck off by BPA

The Southern Daily Echo is reporting that private parking firm VP Parking Solutions have had their British Parking Association membership cancelled.  Membership to the BPA is a requirement to be able to request keeper details from the DVLA.  Losing this access severely restricts the parking company’s ability to pursue their tickets and could potentially stop them from operating altogether.

The company had previously been banned from the DVLA database for three months last year due to their notices being incorrectly worded, although the specific reason for the current BPA termination is not clear.  The BPA stated:

The BPA is committed to encouraging and developing the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics within its membership. The BPA Code of Professional Conduct sets out the standards of conduct expected by those working in the profession and all BPA members commit to the code when they join the association.  Unfortunately VP Parking Solutions were unable to comply with these standards.

Full details can be found in the BPA press release here.

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