Warden parks on double-yellows


A traffic warden was spotted recently parking on double yellow lines and blocking the pavement, while he was issuing a ticket.

Eagle-eyed Jay Fazal spotted the parking officer committing the violation in Stokes Croft in Bristol.

I asked the attendant why he was parked there and he just ignored me and carried on issuing the ticket to the poor owner of a blue Peugeot.

Mr Fazal then took a photo of the traffic warden and his illegally parked car as evidence to show the council.

Despite the poor parking job which blocked the pavement, Bristol City Council have defended the actions, saying parking attendants are able to park on double yellow lines in order to carry out their duties, and in this case the worker was issuing two different Penalty Charge Notices for parking on a dropped curb.

A council spokesperson said: ‘We encourage all of our civil enforcement officers to avoid parking on the pavement wherever possible.

via Metro

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