Warden sacked for pics with motorists

This news is a couple of weeks old, but still an interesting look at someone abusing their position for their own gain.  Brian Jarvis, a Civil Enforcement Officer in Brighton & Hove has been sacked by NSL for telling motorists he would help with their appeal if they posed with him for a picture.

It appears to have been happening for two and a half years, resulting in over 200 pictures, which Mr Jarvis claims were for a book he was writing.  It’s not clear why this only recently appears to have come to light, as there is a mention of NSL being aware of the situation for over a year.

He was quoted as saying:

“The pictures were for my book project. I told the drivers I could help them appeal by putting a note in my book.

“That’s why so many of them agreed to pose. But I didn’t give them any concrete assurances.”

“The pictures are fantastic, they’re really funny,”

It’s not surprising that he was sacked given the clear abuse of his position, and it seems that he doesn’t really think he’s done anything wrong. It’s not mentioned whether he still intends to release a book or not.
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