Westminster parking app counterpoint

In previous posts here and here I linked to articles highlighting the technology involved with Westminster’s new parking app. Ham & High now offer a counterpoint, with some locals claiming it will result in parking charge increases and more fines.

As well as the sensor technology allowing the Council to monitor space availability, it is also claimed that the sensors will have the ability to notify Civil Enforcement Officers to vehicles which have overstayed.  This would certainly appear to give them the ability to ensure there is always someone ready to issue a ticket as soon as someone’s time expires, as they could be made aware in real-time.

Parking campaigner Paul Pearson, who runs website penaltychargenotice.co.uk, said: “This is another example of Westminster Council seeking to pull the wool over the eyes of motorists by trumpeting this new technology as a good thing, but neglecting to mention it will be used to enforce and increase charges.

“This is typical Westminster Council. Do they really expect us to believe that they would spend millions assisting motorists?”

A spokesman for Westminster council did not rule out using the sensors for enforcement and increasing charges.

I also noticed some feedback on the app itself, with one driver claiming that spots marked as free are often taken by the time they arrive.  It does look like Westminster probably intend to eventually roll this out on a much larger scale but will it benefit the motorist, residents, or the Council more?

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