Wired.com on parking apps

I’ve covered parking apps briefly before but I thought this article over on Wired deserved a link. As the US, and California especially is such a hub of app development and an incubator for new ideas, it’s no surprise that this article is US-based. Still, it gives an idea of what’s being done in terms of apps and technology.

Yet for all that mobile apps have done to make city-dwelling more efficient, there are few that have come close to fixing arguably the most stress-inducing, wallet-draining, and logistically complex ailment any urbanite with a car faces – parking.

I suspect that things like this will be fragmented for a long time, as especially over here we have competing private companies as well as local authorities who will all have their favourite ideas and suppliers. As things eventually mature there will probably be one or two companies or apps that rise above the others and start to dominate (I see this already with the payment and evidence viewing systems linked to on this site).


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